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Bear Yuba Land Trust is a volunteer-driven organization and our trails team is one of the most popular volunteer programs. Many trail volunteers have dedicated years to building local trails and are eager to build many more.

To date, BYLT has built and maintains 19 local trails, more than 35 miles of trails which give countless hours of enjoyment to this community. This couldn’t have been done without our amazing volunteers!

Join our Trails Coordinators, Bill Haire and Shaun Clarke, as they create new and maintain existing trails in our community. We need everything from bush-whacking, to raking, and bridge building.

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Q & A with a Trails Volunteer

Ray Bryars

A supporter of the Land Trust for more than 15 years, Ray Bryars started volunteering for trail work when he became semi-retired in 2006. Ray has helped build or maintain at least 16 trails. Trail volunteers do the bulk of their trail building in spring and fall. In summer, crews keep trails maintained with weed whacking and tree trimming. After heavy rain and strong winds in winter, Ray is usually the first one out clearing trails and assessing damage.

What do you like about the work?

I enjoy the physical exercise, but most of all I enjoy being out in nature with a group of really nice, fun people who have a great sense of humor. Often we get to work with AmeriCorps volunteers and interns. I am always impressed with these young folks who are often dedicating some of their formative years to volunteering in communities a long way from their homes.

Why do you do it?

I love the feeling of accomplishment and the fact that we are creating a legacy for the community. Once the trails are built, our children and their children will be able to enjoy them forever. There is an incredible feeling of satisfaction in greeting friends and neighbors on the trail. I see all age groups getting healthy exercise and sharing time with friends and family. It is such a blessing that we can enjoy nature and improve our health, so close to where we live. We are truly fortunate to be in such a wonderful environment.