Revolución – Cuisine of Old Mexico

Cuisine of Old Mexico with Chef Andreas Wittstock, Live Music with Michael Padilla, Art by Miles Toland, and tastings with Maestros del Mezcal brought to you by Bear Yuba Land Trust.

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The Venue 

Polly’s Paladar is—in true paladar fashion—a private supper club in the heart of downtown Nevada City dedicated to encouraging enthusiasm for the sharable food movement. The Paladar collaborates with organic farms, chefs, and artists to provide a fusion of delectable delights in a unique atmosphere: our home.

The Chef ~ Andreas Wittstock

The multicultural experience started early for Andreas. He was born and raised in Mexico City to German/French parents. Exposed to their native languages, as well as Spanish and English at home, only widened his worldview. Once Andreas left home at 19 to live in New York, his path of the professional cook began. Andreas has operated out of Mama’s Fish House in Maui and Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts. He was sous chef at Austen Riggs Psychiatric Center, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in New York, and the executive chef at Earthdance Creative Living Project. Currently, his home is in Nevada City building Tiny Houses. When not in a kitchen, he is in his studio doing just that. Andreas works internationally as a private chef for professional artists and dancers around the globe as well. He sold out a 2016 Paladar entitled “The Middle Way,” wowing his guests with mouthwatering Asian influenced cuisine. With all of his experience, Andreas is capable of building cuisine and interpreting flavor on a vast scope. Touring with an appetite for food affords an educational training not taught in culinary academies. It’s a risky endeavor, but you can savor the results in every bite. Don’t take my word for it. Others have appreciated Andreas’s culinary capacity. Here is what they had to tell:

What people are saying

“The best meal I have ever paid for.”– Ruby Turple

“Scrumptious, eclectic, complex, & wholesome.”-Isha McCaskey

“Seductive.”-David Cooper

“Mouthwatering and lively.”-Samantha Hinrichs

The Music ~ Michael Padill

It was the music his parents loved. The Boleros. These are the things that form a person; growing up, hearing a style of song. Michael’s fusion of romantic Boleros from Mexico and Flamenco from Spain can transport the listener. They rescued him as well. Being an indie-rock/band-leader/singer-songwriter doesn’t always fulfill the heart of an artist capable of so much more. From The Soft Bombs, Dora Flood, and currently Michael and The Machines, our musical accompaniment for this Paladar has many talents. The harmonies between all the elements will be difficult to miss. Michael started playing Boleros on the side about 3 and half years ago, and it is all making quite the local impact. The two realms don’t continually connect, but he ended up falling in love with them both anyway, and we are glad for it. As always, please consider tipping the talent at any Paladar! It remains a grand gesture of gratitude and invariably leaves a positive impact on any musician. Heck, that’s an excellent standard to live by anyway! Tip the talent!

 The Artist ~ Miles Toland

Miles Toland grew his roots in the artistic city of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Artistic juices, squeezed from the fruits of graffiti culture, quenched his creative thirst. He holds a BFA in painting and video from Cornish College of the Arts, live paints at music festivals, & produces street art, traveling around the planet. His painting style merges naturalistic human forms with intuitive designs structured by mandalas and geometric patterns. Miles treats his craft as a spiritual practice of bringing resistance into resonance, honoring the beauty in the decay, and finding wisdom in nature’s forms. We are thrilled to hang his work and encourage questions about it all while you dine.