Deer Creek Tribute Trail – Rural

Built with grants totaling nearly $1 million, Deer Creek Tribute Trail is a major new amenity of the area. It memorializes the early contributions of native Nisenan and Chinese people to the history of this place. New developments include an improved trail along Little Deer Creek in town, a historic route through downtown Nevada City, connecting links along the canyon of Deer Creek west of town, and a fine new trail to a beautiful plaza at Stocking Flat on Deer Creek with its new Chinese Bridge across Deer Creek to a forested loop trail. All of this is linked to a popular footpath along 1.8 miles of the historic Newtown Canal west of town. It all adds up to a great new trail system with lots of interesting and beautiful options to explore.

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Look for these markers along the trail.



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Place: In and west of Nevada City, CA

Season: Year around

Land: Mixed municipal, private, BLM and Nevada Irrigation District

Trail signs: Good direction signs for eastern half; sparse signage in far western portion

Length: Longest continuous distance is 3.6 miles one way; branches vary (see below)

Altitude change: Nearly level for long stretches; some places with moderate grade (see below)

Difficulty: Easy to moderate depending on length and part of trail hiked or ridden

Trail surface: Paved, dirt or graveled roads, dirt trails; dirt path along Newtown Canal

Environment: Pine woods, city streets, rural residential, and rural mixed conifer and hardwoods

Rules: No motor vehicles; stay on trails; no smoking on rural trails; no camping

In-town Trailheads:

Miners Foundry: If you would like to go west from town into the rural sections of this trail, start at the intersection of Bridge St and Factory St on the west side of the Miners Foundry building. (N39.26205 W121.02079) To get there from Robinson Plaza, walk up Commercial Street, turn left on York Street, cross Broad Street, then go uphill toward the Bonanza Market and the historic Nevada Theater. Turn left into the parking lot between those two buildings and walk down the lot to Spring Street where you will be in front of the Miners Foundry. Now go down the road on the right side of the Foundry (this is Bridge Street) to Factory Street on the right. There is a small Tribute Trail marker at this intersection (look on the telephone pole just right of the “Not A Through Street” sign on your left as you enter Factory Street.)

Rural Trailheads:

Note: Much of the Deer Creek Tribute Trail goes along or runs near rural public roads west of Nevada City. You may pick your own starting place along a public road. If you do this, be sure to park well off the traveled roadway.

Champion Road: The first place west of town where you can be on dirt trail is near the intersection of Old Downieville Highway and Champion Road. To drive there from downtown Nevada City, go up Broad Street, turn left on Bennett Street and after a couple of hundred yards bear left on Monroe Street which shortly will go downhill for about 150 yards. Old Downieville Highway begins at the foot of this hill and runs west from there. Follow Old Downieville Highway about 0.3 mile to its intersection with Champion Road (a dirt road) on your left.

There are actually two trailheads near this intersection. The most obvious is about 300′ down Champion Road on your left, with a pullout area for parking on your right (N39.26174 W121.03094). There is also a trailhead along Old Downieville Highway about 300′ west of the same intersection, on your left just before a mailbox that is mounted on an old metal plow (N39.26198 W121.03116). There are places to pull off Old Downieville Highway and park. The trail from this “upper” trailhead simply takes you a very short way down to the signed trailhead on Champion Road.

Trail tips: There are many ways to walk or ride the Deer Creek Tribute Trail, depending on your time and interest. Joggers may want to run the entire 3.6 mile length from one end to the other and back, with a 0.4 mile side trip down to Stocking Flat and a 0.6 mile loop off the south end of the Chinese Bridge (total 8.6 miles.) History buffs will enjoy the route through Nevada City’s early Chinese Quarter to the Chinese Memorial. Locals and visitors looking for a local walk or jog will enjoy the neighborhood feel of the route west from Miners Foundry and along the quiet road called Old Downieville Highway. Beyond the Champion Road trailhead (see above) there is the rural beauty of a more extended excursion down the valley of Deer Creek to Stocking Flat and a loop trail on the far side of the Chinese Bridge.  And back in town, many will appreciate the Tribute Trail’s woodsy shortcut along Little Deer Creek to Pioneer Park from downtown and back.
The following are a few suggested ways to enjoy this great new trail system:

Quick Out-of-town Walk: In almost no time, you can be out of town on the Tribute Trail and walking in a quiet rural neighborhood near Deer Creek. Locals will often be found here, out for some exercise near town. Start at the Miners Foundry trailhead (see above) and go west on Factory Street. You may wonder if this is the right way but, yes, it is. The road will soon curve to the left, the pavement will end and you will be on a one lane dirt road (Wyoming Street) that parallels Deer Creek. In about 0.3 mile, the dirt road will come out onto the pavement of Old Downieville Highway which you can follow another 0.3 mile to where Champion Road goes down to your left. Here you have two options for extending your hike. You can take the Deer Creek Tribute Trail into increasingly rural countryside along Deer Creek, or you can follow the tradition of many local residents who use the little-traveled Old Downieville Highway west of here as a great place to walk or ride for exercise. If you choose the latter, you can go another 1.5 miles beyond Champion Road on Old Downieville Highway to where it ends at busy Highway 49, then turn around and retrace your route back into town. (Round trip from Miner’s Foundry to the end of Old Downieville Highway and back is 4.4 miles, with little elevation change. There is one short hill with a 50′ elevation change on Old Downieville Highway; otherwise the route is mostly level.)

If you choose to take the Deer Creek Tribute Trail farther into the countryside, see the suggested route below.

Farther Out-of-town — to Stocking Flat, Chinese Bridge and Loop Trail: From the Champion Road trailhead (see above) follow the well-constructed dirt trail down through open forest 0.2 mile to a graveled service road alongside Deer Creek. Turn right on this road. It follows the creek for about 0.3 mile. After a nearly level stretch, you will be going gradually uphill to rejoin Champion Road. On the way you will pass a wayside sign describing the Mountaineer Mine which extracted a large amount of gold here in the late 1800’s. A few remnants of the mine complex are visible from the trail in old cement foundations.

Past the Mountaineer Mine site, go left at the top of the grade onto Champion Road and continue on Champion Road for 0.4 mile. Do not take the driveway you will see on your left, but stay on the upper road. This will take you along Woods Ravine with many fine oaks and two small waterfalls on the stream below. The road will hook left and cross over the stream above the waterfalls. After this sharp bend, follow the road uphill about 100 yards watching carefully for a narrow dirt path on your left with a slatted wooden structure beyond and the dry remnants of a miner’s ditch (N39.25940 W121.04227). Take this path. It meanders west for 0.2 mile along the route of the old miner’s ditch, crossing it three times on short wooden footbridges. There is a wide bench along the way that faces out toward the canyon of Deer Creek.

This path ends at a private driveway. Go down the driveway about 60 feet and look on your right for running water in a ditch with a wide, flat dirt path alongside it. This is the Newtown Canal, a former hydraulic mining ditch now delivering water for the Nevada Irrigation District. This path continues west for 1.8 miles along the canal to the Morning Star Trailhead (see above) but right now you will only follow it 0.2 mile to a trail sign on your left that says “DEER CREEK 0.4 MI.” (N39.25724 W121.04757). Take this trail downhill through mixed chaparral and forest. You will soon arrive at a beautifully designed plaza area beside a waterfall and deep pool on Deer Creek. This is Stocking Flat (an historic name from the gold rush days).

At Stocking Flat there are two benches, two picnic tables, decorative beds of native plants, interpretive signs, a Chinese wooden arch, and a perfectly placed footbridge — the Chinese Bridge. This is a place to enjoy for a while. The signs will give you information on history, ecology, project partners and habitat restoration work. There is a memorial plaque near the bridge noting the role of Chinese pioneers. There are fine views of the waterfall and pool from the plaza and bridge.

Across the bridge, there is a new 0.6 mile loop trail up through the woods on the south side of the creek. Going left (clockwise) around the trail will first take you upstream along the trace of an old miner’s ditch, then it will climb up through chaparral and into forest for the remainder of the loop. There are a few places with good views of the Deer Creek canyon and surrounding ridges. Note that, as of November 2011, the trail was newly cut but not finished. Until further improvements can be made, there will be many rough places and sometimes wet and slippery conditions along this loop.

Total distance out and back to Stocking Flat from the Miners Foundry trailhead is 4.8 miles. From the trailhead on Champion Road the round trip to Stocking Flat is 3.4 miles. Going out to Stocking Flat from the Miners Foundry trailhead, there is a net one way elevation loss of about 365 feet. The two largest elevation changes are the drop to Deer Creek from the Champion Road trailhead (-90′) and the drop from the Newtown Canal to Stocking Flat (-150′). The loop trail from Stocking Flat involves an elevation gain of about 100′ and an equal drop.

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