grand opening

BYLT hosts grand opening at Black Swan Ranch

60 people hiked around the Black Swan Lake and hydraulic diggings on Saturday morning for the grand opening of a new 2-mile trail.

yuba rim trail

Rice’s Crossing Preserve: ‘epic’ acquisition, Nevada, Yuba officials say

A new 2,700-acre recreation area that promises hiking, bicycling and horseback riding trails as well as new Yuba River fishing, kayaking and swimming spots.

land news spring 2015

Land News – Spring 2015

Environmental educators say there is a growing disparity between the time kids spend indoors using a computer, watching TV, or playing video games, and the unstructured time they spend outside enjoying nature. If they go outside at all, it tends to be in organized, group sports activities. Only about 10 percent say they are spending free time outdoors every day, according to a new nationwide poll led by The Nature Conservancy. A lack of access to and interest in nature keeps kids from experiencing the outdoors, the poll revealed.

black swan trail

Tuned In to Nature

The two-mile Black Swan trail is a new addition to our already stellar trails menu in Nevada County. I started building this trail in 2014 on a trial basis with Bear Yuba Land Trust. I suppose the trial work days went well because I am now part of the staff and flourishing as a trails coordinator. I have a great job that allows me to be out in nature to learn and tune into our dynamic planet.

alicia funk & clarence motter

Bear Yuba Land Trust recognizes conservationists Alicia Funk and Clarence Motter

BYLT will recognize two lifetime conservationists during its annual Oak Tree Bash: Annual Meeting and Award Ceremony on Tuesday, March 3 at the historic North Star House.

bylt to protect narrows

Bear Yuba Land Trust to Permanently Protect Yuba River “Narrows”

In a historic deal, BYLT will hold a conservation easement on 41 acres on the Yuba River known as the “Narrows.”