25th Anniversary Thank You

Thank you to all who attended the sold out performance of Pete Escovedo and Sons. You bid high and often at the auction and in turn showed enormous support for land conservation.

Proper Attire

I love this county for all the unique characters that call this place home. When I am walking around I like to people watch, and I wonder if I will ever get to a place where I am not surprised anymore. I recently had an experience on the trail that emphatically answered that question with a resounding “no”.

North Star Historic Conservancy Secures Ownership of Historic North Star House

Last week, ownership quietly changed hands for one of Nevada County’s most historic buildings, the North Star House, designed by famed architect Julia Morgan more than a century ago, reaching a major milestone in the building’s history.

25th anniversary bylt

Bear Yuba Land Trust tells 25th anniversary story with launch of new interactive website

During its 25th anniversary year, Bear Yuba Land Trust has launched a new website to showcase its deep and diverse connection with the local community.

Come on Man!

When I was going through the interview process with Bear Yuba Land Trust I participated in several trial work days. I mostly worked on the two mile Black Swan Trail and it was a great learning experience. At that time only locals and people with permission were allowed to be out there.

Character Comes Out

As a Trails Coordinator with Bear Yuba Land Trust, I get the opportunity to go out in nature and explore our county quite a bit. I organize and host volunteer work parties that cover a range of activities. We do everything from trail layout, to building trails, to hanging up signs, or even cleaning up a cartel grow site.

Give and Take

Communities need trails and trails need the community. We have many miles of trails here in Nevada County and it is one of the reasons that this area is such a desirable place to live. Trails maintain our rural and scenic way of life. They provide recreational opportunities and help keep us healthy and happy. Trails increase property values, support broad user groups, and are free for everyone to use.

Land News – Summer 2015

In Nevada County, there are no county parks or a recreation department though city districts provide managed and group recreation amenities such as ball fields and swimming pools. In Yuba County the parks function has been defunded. Community support and volunteer efforts are vital in the development and maintenance of trails. This issue of Land News is dedicated to local trail projects, efforts and opportunities.