2023 Celebration of Trails: Art in Nature Installations

Bear Yuba Land Trust Presents

June 2023

During the month of June, BYLT presents site-specific art installations on Cascade Canal Trail and Hirschman Trail. Get outside and enjoy this unique experience to celebrate trails and local art!

Public art on trails can illustrate both the identity of the trail itself and the community that surrounds it. We believe that art can cultivate vision and inspire change in the surrounding community. Go out with friends or your family to take a look at this one-of-a-kind nature-inspired local art!


About the Artists:                                                   

Andres Amador

Andres Amador creates art across the landscape using natural materials that will eventually fade back into the setting. He is best known for his massive raked artworks on beaches spanning thousands of square feet. His work is inspired by patterns found in nature and in the human-made world. Impermanence is a recurring theme in his work, highlighting the fact that life is in motion and is best experienced ‘in the moment’.

Andres has created “Still Here,” a mix of clay and paint designs on a rock outcropping, at Hirschman Trail. “Still Here”  is a continuation of a collaboration between Andres and CHIRP’s Visibility Through Art Project, for whom he has created several clay paintings in natural settings of Nisenan basket patterns. A guiding theme in his collaborations is the recognition that the Nevada City Rancheria Nisenan people are still present in our community despite the genocide they faced.

For more on Andres and the work he creates, follow him on Instagram @AndresAmadorArts and check out his website at AndresAmadorArts.com.


Mekdela Maskal

Mekdela Maskal (b. 1991) is a multidisciplinary artist developing site and time-specific works in collaboration with clay, soils, plants, and other raw materials of the natural world. Steeped in reverence and belonging, her practice illuminates natural cycles and interdependent relationships. 

She graduated with a B.S. Media, Culture and Communications from NYU and an M.A. in Engaged Journalism from The City University of New York. Self-taught artist, she currently lives and works in Grass Valley, California.

Mekdela will be creating her artwork at Cascade Canal Trail. The artwork Mekdela is creating for this year’s event will be an installation of naturally dyed celebration/prayer flags amongst the trees.


…is a collaboration with the more than human world.

…will evolve with sun time, wind, and moisture, celebrating the elements and beings at work creating a balanced ecosystem.

…beckons us to pause in awe.

…is a mirror of the life that endlessly grows and dies, inviting us to reflect on our own transient nature and what we leave behind.

by Mekdela Maskal with Ash, Big leaf maple, Bleeding hearts, Bracken fern, Charcoal, Cotton, Flowering dogwood, Dwarf sunflowers, Honeysuckle, Incense cedar, Manzanita