To protect and defend the working and natural lands in the Bear and Yuba River watersheds and empower a healthy, resilient community through nature access and education. 

Bear Yuba Land Trust (BYLT) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, community-supported organization that works to promote voluntary conservation of the region’s natural, historical and agricultural legacy. BYLT provides a lasting community heritage by protecting and enhancing meadows, watersheds, forests, farms and ranches, trails and parks.

The mission guiding BYLT’s Strategic Plan for 2020-2024 is to protect and defend the working and natural lands of the Bear and Yuba River watersheds and to empower healthy, resilient communities through nature access and education.

The Strategic Plan will guide BYLT in reaching its overarching goal for the coming years, which is to continue building a sustainable organization as we strategically grow our conservation footprint and deliver a valued public benefit to our local and downstream stakeholders.

Since 1990, Bear Yuba Land Trust has been a conservation leader in our region, saving more than 15,000 acres of Sierra Nevada and foothill forests, oak woodlands, meadows, riparian habitat, farms and ranches. Our professional trails team has worked with community volunteers to build and maintain more than 45 miles of local trails. Each year BYLT fills a recreation gap by encouraging hundreds of people to get outdoors and enjoy nature by providing numerous opportunities to do so with the highest quality adventure and learning programs.

Our land stewardship team is made up of biologists, botanists and foresters who live here, are invested in the community and care about the land. Each year, the team keeps careful record of the geology, plants and animals on the Preserves and conservation easements that BYLT proudly monitors.

BYLT is comprised of a small staff and board, hundreds of devoted members, volunteers and community sponsors who are dedicated to preserving this place we call home. BYLT supports the economic stability of our community by keeping working landscapes like farms, ranches and forestlands viable. BYLT works with willing landowners, other nonprofit organizations and community supporters to permanently protect critical landscapes through voluntary conservation easements, fee acquisitions, and other strategies. BYLT follows an American tradition of local land trusts which began in the mid-1800s, joining the efforts of over 1,800 local land trusts nationwide.

accredited land trust

The accreditation seal recognizes land conservation organizations that meet national standards for excellence, uphold the public trust and ensure that conservation efforts are permanent.