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Erin Tarr | Executive Director | | (530) 272-5994 x 205


“I feel lucky that I get to work every day to protect places for people to explore and wildlife to thrive.”

Erin was raised in Cedar Falls, Iowa and upon high school graduation moved to the mountains in Colorado, a place she had fallen in love with through frequent family vacations during her childhood. Eventually she moved to Northern California and completed her Bachelor’s Degree. Erin began her career with the California Department of Fish and Game as a researcher on the rivers, she then took a position with The Nature Conservancy at Cosumnes River Preserve before being hired as a Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership (SNAP) member at Placer Land Trust in Auburn. Her passion for land conservation and access to nature drives her vision for BYLT. 

Erin also serves as the President of the Sierra Cascade Land Trust Council,  a network of 19 land trusts acting as a collective voice in this diverse region to support the pace, scale and permanence of land conservation to protect the natural, historic and agricultural resources for generations to come.

Joined BYLT in 2011

Erin Joined BYLT as Stewardship Program Manager 2011-2017. Co-Executive Director 2018-2020. Executive Director 2021- Present 

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies and Biology at California State University, Sacramento.


Diana Dobbs| | (530)-272-5994 ex 202

“I am proud to be a part of a great team dedicated to helping protect the lands of this beautiful area for our community and future generations to come.”

Diana grew up on the east coast in North Carolina. Her family settled down in the Nevada County area in 2013 and she now lives in Smartsville.  They can often be found hiking, camping, and enjoying the trails, lakes & river spots in the area. Diana has 14+ years of experience as a lead accountant in various auditing, manufacturing, and service businesses and is excited to put her organizational skills and attention to detail to work in support of the BYLT mission.  

Joined BYLT in 2022

Diana manages all aspects of the organization’s financial transactions, including payroll, insurance, revenue, expenses, taxes and audits. Her work provides detailed and accurate reporting to help guide decision-making and ensure organizational sustainability.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Business, Major in Accounting, University of Phoenix


Kate Gazzo | Conservation Program Manager | | (530) 272-5994 x 201


“By protecting land, we are ensuring clean air, water, soil, places to play, grow healthy food, and even undo carbon emissions that we put into the air. All of this can be achieved with one tool: land protection.”

Kate is originally from the Florida coastline. She made her way to California in 2012 after witnessing immense development on her home island. It was always her dream to be in California at the forefront of environmental conservation efforts. Kate has spent the past 13 years working on a variety of projects ranging from water quality monitoring, wetland restoration and mitigation planning. She spent seven years evaluating impacts to special-status species and natural communities for development-related projects and planning mitigation (restoration and land acquisition).  After completing her Master’s thesis on the benefits of upper watershed conservation, Kate realized she wanted to spend her time promoting land’s natural values and Bear Yuba Land Trust was a perfect fit. In her spare time Kate enjoys mountain biking, yoga, and hiking with her dog to new places.

Joined BYLT in 2021

 As a Conservation Program Manager Kate oversees the planning, implementation, and project management of various restoration projects on BYLT-owned lands and conservation easements.   

Education: Master’s in Environmental Management, University of San Francisco | Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies with a minor in Biology, Florida Gulf Coast University.


Sarah West | Administrative and Development Manager | | (530) 272-5994 x 204


“Time outside in nature is so valuable to me. It grounds me and gives me perspective, provides learning experiences and adventure, it is rejuvenating and awe-inspiring. I am so grateful that my job allows me to play a small part in protecting these places and experiences for future generations”

Born in Ventura, CA, Sarah grew up exploring the coast and wild areas that surrounded her. She always had a love for the outdoors and wildlife and knew she wanted a career that focused on those things. After graduating from Calpoly she got married and moved to Nevada County where she fell in love with the beautiful foothills. She spent some time as a zookeeper for Folsom City Zoo and she worked as a Wildlife Technician and Administrative Assistant for Gold Country Wildlife Rescue in Auburn, CA. Through these experiences, her love for wildlife and beautiful Northern California grew and she recognized the importance of promoting conservation of our local lands. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, recreational soccer, baking, crocheting, and spending time with her husband, two dogs and cat.

Joined BYLT in 2019

Sarah started at BYLT in May 2019 as Membership Coordinator. As the Administrative and Development Manager Sarah manages the membership program, data tracking and reporting, and provides administrative and fundraising support to the land trust.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.


Annette Muller | Communications & Outreach Manager | | (530) 272-5994 x 208


“BYLT makes space for community, creating pathways that connect people to the splendors of nature and each other. It’s a privilege to work in such a pursuit.”

Annette joins BYLT with over 10 years of experience in the performing arts sector where she honed her skills as a grant writer and marketing manager. Having spent most of her career championing small community-based nonprofits, her aim has always been to support and make space for those around her in the actualization of the organization’s mission. Annette enjoys getting out from behind her computer screen and into the world as much as possible, traveling the crooked path wherever it takes her.

Joined BYLT in 2023

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology, San Francisco State University


Aleena Church | Community Engagement Manager | | (530) 272-5994 x 207


“Protecting Open Space in a place I call home has allowed me to further understand human and nature relationships. Working to save land in order to restore forests and wildlife habitats would not be possible without community support and involvement. It is truly a partnership in all aspects of life including the environment, that gives us hope for the future. Being able to enjoy the Sierra Nevada Foothills’ scenic rivers and mountains is something that continues to center me and my role in this community.” 

Prior to working at BYLT, Aleena got her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from San Francisco State University, where she had the opportunity to work for environmental nonprofits, CALPIRG and Environment California. Aleena then went on to continue her education at Cal Poly Humboldt where she recently earned a masters degree in the Environment and Community program. During her masters degree, Aleena worked with the Nisenan Tribe to cultivate conversations in the community around federal recognition and local acknowledgement for the Tribe. Returning to the foothills, now working for the Bear Yuba Land Trust has been a grounding experience. In her free time, Aleena enjoys trail running, roller skating at the Grass Valley skatepark, and kayaking our pristine lakes.
Joined BYLT in 2022
As the Community Engagement Manager Aleena oversees our volunteer, youth, and outreach programs, events and social media.             
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, San Francisco State University
Masters of Arts in Environment and Community, Cal Poly Humboldt University

Shaun Clarke |Public Recreation Stewardship Manager | | (530) 272-5994 x 203


“Working outside to provide these places for people to recreate makes my heart sing. It gives me lots of joy being out there and when I think about all the trail users who will enjoy these trails for generations to come it is just icing on the cake. Providing trails that are open and free for all to use is a great way to give back to the community that has given so much to me.”

Shaun grew up in Littleton Massachusetts and built a trail for his Eagle Scout project in his hometown. He has always had a love for the outdoors, ecology and how people fit into conservation. He has worked for New Hampshire State Parks, taught outdoor education at Nature’s Classroom and grew produce organically for many seasons. Currently, he enjoys going on walks with his family and working in the vegetable garden.

Joined BYLT in 2015

Shaun started at BYLT in 2015 as Trail Coordinator. As the Public Recreation Stewardship Manager he focuses on keeping all our trails open and safe for all to use. A big part of his job is responding to comments and questions from the community, working with the trail adopters, and keeping the Trails Stewardship and Trails Planning Committee effective and on track.

Education: Proudly graduated from Littleton Jr. Sr. High School in Littleton MA | A.S. in Horticulture from SUNY Morrisville | B.S. Natural Resource Conservation from UMASS Amherst


Bill Haire | Trails Coordinator |

“My earliest memories are of living on my Grandparent’s farm; being outdoors has always been a part of my life. My early desire was to work in the Forest, and I was able to pursue that dream with a career with the Forest Service. Working for the Land Trust has allowed me to continue doing what has always been so important to me, protecting open space, providing access to natural areas, building trails, and improving the condition of the land.”

Prior to joining the Land Trust, Bill had a 36 year career with the Forest Service working on several National Forests in California. During much of his career his job included management of outdoor recreation in the forest, with other responsibilities including range management, overseeing mining activities, permitting of facilities on Federal land, and timber management. Developing and managing trails has always been high on Bill’s interest list.

Joined BYLT in 2003

Bill started as the Trails Coordinator in 2003 and has been designing, constructing, and maintaining trails in this position for 20 years. Building new trails is a process that begins with a proposal, then looking at feasibility, securing easements and permits, securing financial resources, and then constructing the trail. Utilizing volunteers, grants, donations, and working with partners, we have been successful in building a great and ever-expanding trail system.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Forest Management, Humboldt State University


Jason Landers | Conservation Program Manager | | (530) 272-5994 x 209

“Open spaces and wild places are an essential part of our region and they are crucial to our physical and mental well-being. This region is special and I love wandering our local trails and exploring the many beautiful places in the area. I’m grateful to work with BYLT to conserve and defend the land that we all depend on.”

At a young age, Jason developed a passion for exploring the mountains and forests near his home. He knew early on that his calling was to work in service to people, animals, and our natural world. He has worked as a Forest Resilience and Outreach Coordinator with the El Dorado Resource Conservation District, a Food Recovery Coordinator with Food Forward Inc., and a Wilderness Ranger with the Bureau of Land Management. When he’s not working, Jason likes cooking delicious plant-based meals, reading by a river, and exploring the Sierras.

Joined BYLT in 2021

Jason joined BYLT in 2021 as the Land Stewardship Associate. In his role as Conservation Program Manager, Jason is responsible for managing the Conservation Easement Stewardship program, assisting with land acquisition projects, mapping, cultivating relationships with landowners and conservation partners, developing stewardship priorities for lands, participating in project fundraising, and managing fieldwork on conservation easements.

Education: Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources Management and a minor in Geospatial Analysis, Humboldt State University


Shane Hanofee | Restoration Field Technician | | (530) 272-5994

“The opportunity to work for BYLT and to contribute to what the organization provides for the people of Nevada County is the embodiment of thinking global and acting local. As the intricate webs of the natural world weave the complete foundation for all that we know and have ever known, working in pursuit of the betterment of that system seems to me to be the most prudent and pragmatic action one can take towards leaving the world a better place than you found it.”

Shane grew up in upstate New York before making the move to Northern California in 2009. After meeting his future wife in San Francisco, the two settled in Nevada County in 2012. Instantly entranced by the wild Sierra, he soon developed an obsessive desire to learn about the diverse biology of the region and eventually focused on the plant life – since they turned out to be far more agreeable study subjects than the flitting and fleeing wildlife. Over the past decade, he came to know the flora of California and beyond through devoted self-education. He earned his California Naturalist certification in 2019 and became a Certified Field Botanist in 2021. In 2023, he released the field edition of A Nevada County Flora which details every known plant species to be found in Nevada County, as well as identification keys so anyone can learn to recognize them. Shane is also a former president of the Redbud Chapter of the California Native Plant Society. In his spare time, he enjoys mycology, music, and exploring the natural world with his family.

Joined BYLT in 2023