Community learns about the natural world at BYLT’s Adam Ryan Preserve

Boy ScoutIn November, Bear Yuba Land Trust’s Stewardship Associate Elias Grant and Trails Coordinator Shaun Clarke worked with eight young people ages 12 to 17 from Charis Youth Center to prepare a small plot and future native pollinator garden at Adam Ryan Preserve.

“It was great to see them outdoors working together and working toward a noble goal. At the end they felt like they accomplished something and had a good time doing it,” said Shaun Clarke.

On 37 acres of meadows and forests along Dog Bar Road and Alta Sierra Drive, the community is coming together in a number of ways at the Land Trust preserve.

A nature preserve is a protected area for wildlife, flora, fauna or other special land features.

Land trust nature preserves such as Adam Ryan, Mathis Pond and Clover Valley — all within the vicinity of Alta Sierra, were donated by private landowners for permanent protection and public enjoyment.

With site prep underway, the 3,000-square-foot pollinator garden at Adam Ryan Preserve will attract native pollinators and migratory and native butterflies, becoming the first of its kind on any Land Trust property.

Land Trust staff will work with Boy Scout Matt Borges, 17, to plant two types of milkweed, flannel bush, redbud, California pipevine, foothill penstemon and yarrow.

“The plants we are installing are host plants for specific species of pollinator,” said Stewardship Program Manager Erin Tarr. “These pollinators require having these plants around for their continued existence. We will plant native shrubs and wildflowers with the hopes of attracting more pollinators and encouraging more symbiotic relationships between these plants and their pollinators.”

“It will be a nice example of what people can do in their own backyards,” said Stewardship Associate Cathy Shirley.

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