Conservation Buyer Program

The Conservation Buyer Program partners conservation-minded buyers and sellers to preserve priority conservation land.

Bear Yuba Land Trust has a unique knowledge of the lands of Nevada and Yuba Counties, across a diverse range of habitats, from the blue oak woodlands and rangelands to the forests in the headwaters region with an abundance of outdoor recreational amenities.

Through our Conservation Buyer Program, we provide information that brings conservation properties currently for sale to the attention of buyers who are interested in enjoying a spectacular property while helping to protect its ecological, scenic and agricultural character.


Riverhill Farm

Idyllic residence and commercial farm just three miles from Nevada City, providing fresh vegetables and fruits to the Sierra foothill communities of Nevada City and Grass Valley and to Truckee. Highly productive, economically viable farm adjacent to the South Fork of the Yuba River that is also biodiverse, with more than 80 species of birds identified to date, a highly diverse and balanced insect population, bears, mountain lions, coyotes and more. More information

Smiling Owl Preserve

45 acres located in the mixed conifer forests of the Sierra Nevada foothills. With frontage on Deer Creek and two beautiful eco-friendly homes, this land is well suited for a conservation buyer with a desire to steward this forest and call Nevada City home. More information and real estate listing


In certain cases, generous landowners will donate property to BYLT for resale to benefit our conservation and education work. Here is what you need to know:

  • Donated properties range in size, some just a few acres.
  • BYLT staff and board evaluate the donated property; if it is deemed to be of long-term conservation value, the property will be protected with a conservation easement prior to selling it to a conservation buyer.
  • All proceeds from the sale are applied to our conservation work throughout the Bear and Yuba River watersheds.


Only the property owner or a licensed agent or sub-agent for the property owner may submit property for inclusion on this site.  Access to this site is for informational purposes only and provided as a courtesy.  Bear Yuba Land Trust receives no commission, fee, or other consideration for providing this information.

For more information about the Conservation Buyer program, please contact BYLT Executive Director Erin Tarr at 530-272-5994 x 205 or