Conservation Buyer Program

The Conservation Buyer Program partners conservation-minded buyers and sellers to preserve priority conservation land.

Through our Conservation Buyer Program, we provide information that brings conservation properties currently for sale to the attention of buyers who are interested in enjoying a spectacular property while helping to protect its ecological, scenic, and agricultural character.


Roth Forest Preserve

Approximately 356 acres, conservation easement established in 2006

The Roth Forest Preserve encompasses approximately 356 acres located east of North San Juan near Graniteville and Malakoff Diggins State Park. The Preserve sits at 4,600 feet and consists of Sierran mixed conifer forest and riparian/aquatic habitat. The Preserve has a working forest easement that has allowed the landowner to sustainably manage the property for timber production, fire protection, and wildlife habitat. Over 150 acres on top of San Juan Ridge are exceptionally flat,and have been masticated to promote healthy vigorous stands in a park-like setting. Bloody Run Creek, a protected trout stream, runs for ¾ mile  through the northern section of the property, adjacent to the headwaters in Tahoe National Forest. A large spring, close to the top of the property, runs well year-round. Panoramic views open up to the Middle and North Yuba watersheds. The combination of the Sierran mixed conifer species and riparian areas create beneficial habitat for a variety of species including the black bear, bobcat, and owls. Ten acres can be developed within the Preserve, an additional 20 acres of south facing land are permitted for orchard or vineyard development, and well-established roads throughout the property provide tons of access. This Preserve provides an excellent opportunity for folks interested in owning a stunning piece of land in beautiful Nevada County. See the listing.


In certain cases, generous landowners will donate property to BYLT for resale to benefit our conservation and education work. Here is what you need to know:

  • Donated properties range in size, some just a few acres.
  • BYLT staff and board evaluate the donated property; if it is deemed to be of long-term conservation value, the property will be protected with a conservation easement prior to selling it to a conservation buyer.
  • All proceeds from the sale are applied to our conservation work throughout the Bear and Yuba River watersheds.


Only the property owner or a licensed agent or sub-agent for the property owner may submit property for inclusion on this site.  Access to this site is for informational purposes only and provided as a courtesy.  Bear Yuba Land Trust receives no commission, fee, or other consideration for providing this information.

For more information about the Conservation Buyer program, please contact BYLT Executive Director Erin Tarr at 530-272-5994 x 205 or