Eagle Scout Teams Up With BYLT

IMG_6071Alex Lerch first approached BYLT in 2015 with an idea to build a fence at Mathis Pond in order to earn his Eagle Scout Badge. He completed this project and came back for more. Alex is the first student from Bear River High School to choose BYLT for his Senior Project. These projects require each student to spend at least 20 hours as an intern with an organization of their choice. Alex will be acting as a Stewardship Assistant and helping to complete many important projects, as well as being able to learn what it is like to be a steward of the lands we are responsible for. Some of the projects Alex will be helping with include:

  • Maintenance at our Pollinator Garden at Adam Ryan Preserve.
  • Annual Monitoring at a Conservation Easement
  • Building our first Bluebird Houses
  • Helping to lead a Scotch Broom Challenge at Burton Homestead
  • Fuel Reduction at Woodpecker Wildlife Preserve

We hope that Alex will be the first of many students we are able to work with over the coming years. It is mutually beneficial as we get help on essential projects and he gets work experience in a field that is unfamiliar to many high school students.

Thank you Alex for your continued dedication to BYLT and environmental stewardship!