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A positive outdoor experience can change lives.

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BYLT hosts several learning experiences for youth within the Kids Encounter Nature program. When kids spend time outside, they begin to foster a wonder of nature and a feeling of personal responsibility to help conserve the environment. Our natural landscapes need the support and protection of individuals with a strong connection to the outdoors. 

With the new foliage, spring also begins the start of the BioBlitz season! The weeks following Earth Day, students travel to conserved lands for a day of scientific hands-on learning.  Through science-based activities, children learn about the plants, animals, and fungi found in different ecosystems. In addition to the school field trips, BYLT also hosts a Community BioBlitz Day for all ages to participate in. 

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Outings for the Junior Conservationists: Stories in Nature Series are held every month on the second Saturday. Led by a certified California Naturalist and a backcountry hiking guide, these walking outings weave plant and animal identification with the age-old art of storytelling for youth aged 4-12. 

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Throughout the summer, the Fireside Chats at Inn Town Campground are an exciting way for families and teens to explore nature topics while in the comfortably sitting around the fire. These events are designed for locals and visitors alike, as all participants learn and share about experiences in nature. 

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