Family Nature Club

Explore, walk, run, look for insects or birds, create art from leaves, conduct an experiment, put on a play in the backyard, jump in puddles, learn about the moon, discover a new trail…there are tons of nature activities to do in our community!

BYLT’s Family Nature Club is FREE and open to all. You’ll find activities and inspiration to get outside and enjoy the benefits of nature together with your family.  Check our website for regular updates, and fun outdoor activity ideas for your family.

Nature Backpack Program

In partnership with the Nevada County Library, BYLT launched a Nature Backpack Program in 2022.

Nature Backpacks are free to check out for all-ages and contain items to help youth and families explore nature. Each backpack in circulation contains a mini microscope, binoculars, local trail maps, and wildlife guides – as well as some items meant to be kept by the borrower, such as a waterproof notepad and a fun collection of seasonal trail activities from Bear Yuba Land Trust. Backpacks may be checked out from the library free of charge for one week. These backpacks can also be placed on hold at any branch, so please inquire at your local branch of the Nevada County Library for availability.

Nature Play Ideas
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iNaturalist is an online social network of people sharing biodiversity information to help each other learn about nature. Become a citizen scientist and record your encounters with plants, animals, fungi, and other organisms worldwide!

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On a local trail or right in your own backyard–getting outside to enjoy the benefits of nature is important for people of all ages. Outdoor play helps relieve stress, increase activity, build social and teamwork skills, and allows families to connect and learn together.

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