Give and Take

Yuba Rim Trail (4)Communities need trails and trails need the community.  We have many miles of trails here in Nevada County and it is one of the reasons that this area is such a desirable place to live. Trails maintain our rural and scenic way of life. They provide recreational opportunities and help keep us healthy and happy. Trails increase property values, support broad user groups, and are free for everyone to use. These walkways through our unique ecosystems provide our community with many benefits. However, they need your help.

The trails here are as diverse as the groups that help build and maintain them. Gold County Trails Council builds and maintains tails mainly for equestrian use. Bicyclists of Nevada County (BONC) builds and maintain trails with, you guessed it, cycling in mind. Also worth mentioning is YBONC which is geared toward engaging the next generation of mountain bikers. Nevada County Woods Riders promotes motorized use. Other trail groups such as Forest Trails Alliance and Bear Yuba Land Trust build miles of trail on the professional level throughout the county.

Trails don’t build themselves. Our trail town can become even better with your help. Bear Yuba Land Trust hosts work parties that help with this much needed effort. Turnout at these volunteer events is good. Yet it is typically the same set of dedicated builders who love the work. Rarely do we see new faces.Yuba Trail 2

Helping to build and maintain trails creates a sense of ownership and appreciation for the amount of work it takes. Trail builders also get the tangible benefit of helping the community they live in. It is this selfless trail work that propels recreation in Nevada County to the next level. It is a way to leave a legacy. The trails you build today, will be used by your friends and neighbors for years to come.

As the population of our county continues to age we need to engage the next generation of trail builders, land stewards, wildlife biologist, foresters, and land conservationists. Having trails and recreation opportunities for the millennials is key to enticing them to participate in this crucial work.

As the population of our watery planet continues to grow and development expands, open space, like trails, will become more rare and precious. These pockets, where wildlife is free to live and frolic, will become more and more valuable. The land we can save and preserve now, and open up to public access, will pay huge dividends for future generations. The time to secure these wonderful opportunities for our kids and grandkids is now.

Trails are something that will have an immediate impact on our lives and community at this time and from this time forward. I implore you to join one of these trail groups fulfill their mission of providing wonderful trail experiences right here in our own backyard. Help improve the quality of life in Nevada County by supporting trails either financially or physically. Happy trails make happy people.

– Trails Coordinator, Shaun Clarke