Black Swan Trail

Completed in the summer of 2014, the trail is located in far Western Nevada County on CDFW’s Black Swan Preserve, near the town of Smartsville. This trail weaves through blue oak and gray pine woodlands and leads to Black Swan Pond, once the site of a hydraulic gold diggins.

Condon Park Trails

Runners, walkers and bicyclists get heavy use of this maze of urban trails in the wooded western part of Condon Park.

DCTTS: Historic Downtown Section

This community supported trail links Nevada City with Deer Creek and memorializes the early contributions of native Nisenan and Chinese people to the history of this place.

DCTTS: Nisenan Bridge Section

Just a few minutes from town, enjoy the peace and quiet along the forested old Rough and Ready ditch and remnants of the Providence Mine. The trail pays tribute to the original Nisenan and connects to the Tribute Trail network by a new suspension bridge across Deer Creek.

Hardrock Trail

The popular Hardrock Trail Area is the historic heart of Empire Mine State Historic Park giving visitors access to 856 forested acres within downtown Grass Valley.

Jones Bar Trail

This two mile out and back trail to the South Yuba River offers stunning views and a moderate decent via switchbacks.

Litton Trail

The Litton Trail meanders through a small forest alongside an irrigation canal and ties together Sierra College, Nevada Union High School and a retirement community with downtown Grass Valley shopping.

Loma Rica Trail

This nearly level connector trail runs alongside Brunswick Road then turns pastoral after crossing Idaho-Maryland Road. Look forward to a lovely and easy ascent through meadows and woods to Loma Rica Road.

Penn Valley Bike Trail

Traversing much of the community, it offers an easy, enjoyable way for locals and visitors of this small town to bike or walk between neighborhoods and access Western Gateway Park.

Trabucco Trail

Trail Manager: Rice’s Crossing Preserve managed by Bear Yuba Land Trust | Contact / (530) 272-5994  Length: 1.1 miles one way. This is a connector trail between Yuba Rim and Yuba Drop. Altitude Change: Approximately 750 feet Difficulty: Moderate. The way out is downhill and can be completed fairly quickly. The hike back up the…

Wolf Creek Trail

Trail Manager: City of Grass Valley | Contact Public Works (530) 274-4350  Length: 1.2 miles Altitude Change: 180 feet Trail Surface: Paved, Natural Earth Rules: Dogs on leash. No motorized vehicles. Stay on trails. Trailheads: North Star Mining Museum: Look for the Wolf Creek Trail sign at the corner of Freeman Lane and Allison Ranch Road. (N39.208862 W121.069750) Freeman Lane –…

Yuba Drop Trail

Trail Manager: Rice’s Crossing Preserve managed by Bear Yuba Land Trust | Contact / (530) 272-5994  Length: 0.9 miles one way. This is an out and back trail that takes trail users to a gorgeous remote spot on the Yuba River. Altitude Change: Approximately 1,000 feet Difficulty: This is a very difficult, double black diamond…