Sundance Ranch

hahn easement

Open Space Conservation Easement
158 Acres, 2008

Access: Private property. No public access.

Conservation Values: Open space, wildlife and plant habitat, and scenic views.

This conservation easement on 158 acres along Deer Creek was donated in 2008. The property is situated within the lower elevations of the mixed conifer belt and the upper elevations of the blue oak belt. Consequently, it includes vegetation and habitat types characteristic of both, important in this transition zone between the valley and the high Sierra Nevada range.

In addition, the property includes approximately 4,000 linear feet of riparian habitat along Deer Creek, a perennial stream that originates above Nevada City near Bear Valley, flows into Lake Wildwood and eventually to the Yuba River. The property is adjacent to large agricultural (primarily rangeland) parcels on the east and to smaller rural-residential parcels on the remaining three sides.