Hannan Wildlife Preserve


Open Space Conservation Easement
40.92 Acres, 1999

Access: Private property.  No public access.

Conservation Values: Riparian corridor, and wildlife and plant habitat.

Robert and Doris Hannan moved to their property in southwestern Nevada County in the 1970s. Though they subdivided their land into four parcels over the years, they fell in love with the land in its natural state, and started to explore the idea of keeping the land as it is.

With a quarter mile of pristine Dry Creek running through it, the Hannan’s property was identified as a conservation priority area in the important Natural Communities of Nevada County Report, created by Nevada County Land Trust.

The Hannan’s section of Dry Creek contains gentle pools, falls, massive boulders and bedrock outcrops. Interior live oak woodlands, valley oak riparian woodlands, wetland habitat, and freshwater seeps and springs contain native grasses and wildflowers and provides excellent animal habitat. The Hannans have seen river otters and beavers in the creek. Some rock outcrops near the creek have bedrock milling cups used by Native Americans.