Hart Preserve


Open Space Conservation Easement
10 Acres, 1998

Access: Private property.  No public access.

Conservation Values: Wildlife and plant habitat, open space and water resources.

The Land Trust recorded an easement on six acres of bog, with another four acres of buffer around the periphery with mountain alders, native lilies, and orchids, near Grouse Ridge, to protect a rare carnivorous plant.
The Fall Creek drainage and freshwater seeps found on the property provides the hydrology to support this particular green-colored, insect-eating plant, called the California pitcher plant (Darlingtonia californica). At 5,800 feet elevation, this location represents the southern-most range of the species. Human encroachment of any kind would be destructive for this habitat and for this species.

In 1998, this was the first parcel projected with the Nevada County Conservation Alliance to utilize The Nature Conservancy matching grant funding.