Higgins Pond Preserve

2.25 Acres, Established 2017.

Access: No Public Access.

Conservation Values:  Bear River Recreation and Park District donated 1.23 acres of open space known as Higgins Pond Preserve to BYLT in 2017. Located on the corner of Combie and Armstrong Roads (Higgins Corner), east of Highway 49 near Lake of the Pines, the preserve is considered sensitive habitat in an area that is designated for high density development. The preserve includes the Ragsdale Creek riparian corridor, a pond, and an open space buffer along the northern edge of a re-vegetated upland. Higgins Pond was part of a 31-acre, 80-lot subdivision known as Cascade Crossing (Saddle Ridge Estates). Native foothill yellow-legged frogs and some warm water fish are abundant in the pond. The wetland could provide habitat for mallards, Canada geese, black phoebe and belted kingfisher. A beaver is known to use the area and Western pond turtles have been observed in the area.

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