Kramer Ranch

84 Acres, Established 2018
Private property.  No public access.

Conservation Values: Agricultural productivity, scenic views, plant and wildlife habitat.

Kramer Ranch is a 84 acre working sheep and cattle ranch along Wolf Creek south of Grass Valley.  The Kramer Ranch features an historic Nevada County barn that dates to the 1860s.  Visits to Kramer Ranch have been known to include special herding demonstrations featuring their working dogs and a presentation on grazing and irrigation practices.  During summer months, a large organic garden teems with an abundance of fresh vegetables.

The property contains an extensive floodplain and essential wildlife habitat.  The woodland area of the slopes above Wolf Creek are dominated by blue oak and an open understory of annual grasses and forbs. The habitat is diverse with a mixture of blue oaks, conifers, and shrubs.

When Andy and I first came to Grass Valley and bought this land we did not envision keeping it as an undivided whole. But as we lived here, we came to appreciate all the natural habitats and wildlife on the property and we saw that in order to continue to have the natural beauty and diversity of Nevada County, that larger parcels of land would need to be preserved as open space and/or agriculture.  That is why we were excited to learn of Bear Yuba Land Trust and decided to conserve our property with them, saving all that we have enjoyed for future generations.”

– Carol Kramer, Kramer Ranch