Lindsey Lakes – PG&E

857 Acres, Established 2017.

Access: Public Access Allowed

Conservation Values: Forest and wildlife habitat, headwaters protection, recreational uses, scenic views

Lindsey Lakes Conservation Easement encumbers three separate parcels totaling approximately 857 acres with elevation ranging from 6600 feet to 7500 feet. The Easement encompasses nearly all of Lindsey Lakes, a portion of Culbertson Lake, land adjacent to Carr Lake, and all of Upper & Lower Rock Lakes. The Upper & Lower Rock Lakes parcels are included in the roadless areas of Tahoe National Forest, while the Lindsey Lakes and Carr Lake parcels can be accessed via unmaintained roads.

The Property consists of three main plant communities: montane chaparral, mixed conifer and subalpine conifer. The hydrology of the Property is significant due to its location in the headwaters of the Upper Yuba Watershed. Protecting the upper watershed from contamination associated with development and recreational activities is of great importance for all of the hydrologic features downstream. Tall trees, granitic peaks, wide vistas, and cold lakes await you!

What to do there: Developed campsites and trails can be found around the Conservation Easement and dispersed campsites can be found in the area. Backpacking and OHV are also popular in the area. Canoeing and kayaking are allowed on the lakes as well.

How to get there: Lindsey Lakes can be accessed via Bowman Lake Road or Lindsey-Carr Road (Forest Road 17). Bowman Lake Road is mostly paved all the way to Lindsey Lake Road while Lindsey-Carr Road (Forest Road 17) is rough, narrow, and 4WD recommended.