Lone Bobcat Woods


Open Space Conservation Easement
122.41 Acres, 1994

Access: Private property.  No public access.

Conservation Values: Scenic views, open space, plant and wildlife habitat.

When you take North Bloomfield Road north of Nevada City toward the South Yuba River, you might get a glimpse of Round Mountain from across the broad gentle basin of Rock Creek. Its rounded ridge is a local landmark on the south side of the river canyon just downstream from Edwards Crossing.

Janaia Donaldson and Robin Mallgren acquired four 40-acre parcels over a five year period here. Completed in late 1994, Round Mountain East became the first Conservation Easement project for the Land Trust.

The Easement, designed to protect scenic and wildlife values, prohibits development such as house building, subdividing, ranching, waste dumping and similar activities. The land is situated completely within the critical winter range for the Nevada City deer herd.

The long-range goal of the easement is to create and maintain a healthy, natural forest ecosystem with an emphasis on enhancing wildlife habitat including sugar pines found throughout the property.