Peaceful Valley Ranch


Open Space Conservation Easement
142 Acres, 2003

Access: Private property.  No public access.

Conservation Values: Agriculture and timber productivity, pasture lands for grazing animals, Native American bedrock mortars, wetlands, and wildlife and plant habitat.

Al and Lynne Dover donated three conservation easements totaling 142 acres on their beloved Deer Creek property encompassing the original Peaceful Valley Ranch. Both conservation easements protect wetland and riparian resources, lower montane conifer forests of ponderosa pine and mixed oak-foothill pine woodlands. A portion of Deer Creek runs through the property offering a corridor for wildlife habitat and migration. The proximity to water, the extensive cover, and diverse shrubs and trees makes this very valuable habitat.

The ranch was first purchased in the late 1970’s from the Brown family, who sought a buyer who would keep the land intact. It was only natural for the Dovers to preserve the open space, integrity and purpose of their property using a multi-phase conservation easement.

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