Robinson Ranch

1,593 Acres, 2020

Private property.  No public access.

Conservation Values: Agricultural productivity, scenic views, plant and wildlife habitat.

Robinson Ranch is one of 12 original pioneer ranches in Nevada County. For 150 years, the ranch has been in commercial agricultural production, by one family–the Robinsons. The entire ranch is currently used for commercial beef production and haying, and includes irrigated pasture and dry rangelands.

In 2015, 1,477 acres of the Robinson Ranch were conserved with an agricultural conservation easement, held by CDFW. The ranch’s remaining 1,593 acres was protected in 2020 with an agricultural conservation easement held by BYLT.

In an area that has become fragmented in recent years, the working landscape of Robinson Ranch is critical to protecting a valuable local food supply, providing native wildlife plenty of space to roam free, creating firebreaks and keeping air clean by sequestering carbon.

Robinson Ranch Forever Farm ag easement