Peardale Bird Sanctuary


Open Space Conservation Easement
27 Acres, 1998

Access: Private property.  No public access.

Conservation Values: Open space, scenic views, wildlife and plant habitat and riparian corridor.

Located in the Peardale area, this property contains a rich mixture of riparian and upland forest habitats, including seasonal wetlands, grasslands, a perennial stream, a large pond, wildflower meadows and both hardwood and mixed conifer forests.

The property is also home to an astounding number of plant and animal species. More than 130 different bird species have been reported over the years, including red-tailed hawk, western blue bird, northern flicker, California quail, Cooper’s hawk, great horned owl, water ouzel, black-headed grosbeak, great blue heron, and more.

With Chicago Park beginning to experience more growth, many of the properties surrounding this sanctuary have been subdivided, resulting in a fragmented habitat displacing wildlife. Since the McKirdy family conserved the land, wildlife have found refuge here, making it especially important to protect this property from future subdivision.