Smiling Owl Preserve

Approximately 45 Acres, Established 2017.

Access: Private property, no public access

The Smiling Owl Preserve encompasses approximately 45 acres located on the western edge of Tahoe Nation Forest. The preservation of this Property falls in line with Bear Yuba Land Trust’s mission to “retain the rural character” of Nevada County. Generally, the Preserve consists of Sierran mixed conifer forest and riparian/aquatic habitat. Two perennial drainages flow through the Property as well. The North Fork Deer Creek flows westerly through the southern section of the property and another perennial stream cascades southerly along the length of the western boundary of the Preserve. The combination of the Sierran mixed conifer species and these waterways create beneficial habitat for a variety of species including the California spotted owl, black bear, bobcat, and rainbow trout.

Smiling Owl Preserve got its name because a variety of owls call the Preserve home.