Narrows – UC

bylt to protect narrows

41 Acres, Established 2015

Access: Private property.  No public access.

Conservation Values: Plant and wildlife habitat, historic values and open space.

The Narrows- UC is owned by the Regents of the University of California and is located below Englebright Dam on the northwesterly side of the Yuba River. Steep, rocky slopes of the river canyon provide a remarkable stage for the blue oak-gray pine woodlands and grasslands inhabiting this property.

This vegetation type can provide habitat to a number of different raptor species including: Golden eagle, peregrine falcon and bald eagle. Over 100 different bird species have been surveyed in the adjacent oak woodlands.

On 5,721 acres, to the north of the property is Sierra Foothills Research and Extension Center. The facility conducts research on range and pasture development, natural resource management, and livestock health and management.