White Rock Lake

40 Acres, Established 2014.

Public access allowed.

Conservation Values:  This Property fills in a key piece of protected lands within the checkerboard area of public and private ownership within the boundaries of the Tahoe National Forest. The protection of this Property will benefit the people of Nevada County through the protection of the Property’s timber productivity, scenic views, wildlife and plant habitats, and water resources

Generally, the Property consists of three main plant communities: red fir (Abies magnifica), Patton spruce (Tsuga mertensiana) and montane wet meadows, which are found adjacent to ephemeral and perennial drainages and persist near lake level and rock outcroppings.The hydrology of the Property is significant due to its location in the headwaters of the Upper Yuba Watershed. Protecting the upper watershed from contamination associated with development is of great importance for all of the hydrologic features downstream. American marten (Martes americana), Pacific fisher (Martes pennanti) and California wolverine (Gulo gulo), all special status species, have been documented within a five mile radius. According to recorded observations, the Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frog (Rana sierra), willow flycatchers(Empidonax trailiiand) California spotted owl (Strix occidentalis) have also been sited within five miles of the Property.

How to get there:The property is located approximately 13 miles northwest of downtown Truckee, California, in unincorporated Nevada County. From Truckee, head north on CA-89, turn left (west) onto Henness Pass Road (USFS Road 07) and then turn left (south) onto Road 86 -70 (White Rock Road), and follow it to the west boundary of the parcel – or continue on the four wheel drive road (trail 14E09), into the south end of the parcel. Notes: Four – wheel drive is recommended year round and a good map, a guide, or a good sense of the local area is recommended as well.

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