Celebrate (and support!) our trails

Dear Friends,
Since 1993, the American Hiking Society has hosted National Trails Day, dedicated to recognizing and advocating for trails on the federal, state and local levels. To commemorate National Trails Day in June, Bear Yuba Land Trust joined trail organizations across the nation to celebrate and promote all of the amazing ways trails connect us.

For Celebration of Trails 2021, we invited all trail users to choose their own adventure on our local trails. Among the ten adventures to choose from was an equestrian ride at Blue Point and Black Swan, hikes on the Yuba Rim, Litton, Hirschman and South Yuba River Trails and a wheelchair roll on the Sierra Discovery Trail. It was incredible to see so many diverse trail users coming together to celebrate our most beloved community assets, and it reminded us of why we find our role as a recreation leader in our community so meaningful.

Since 1990, we have been diligently building and maintaining new trails within our community. Our hard work has paid off, as we have built or actively maintained 45+ miles of trails to date. Whether the trail is a popular tourist destination or a neighborhood trail, we strive to ensure that our projects are designed to accommodate a wide variety of trail users. Regardless of how you recreate, our goal is to get you outside and into nature!

We are eternally grateful to our trail adopters, volunteers, partners, and community supporters. Together, with a common goal to create access to nature and connect communities through trails, we have seen great success. Thank you for believing in our mission and supporting our work.

Discover more about our Trails Program at BYLT.org/Trails

See you on the trail,
Erin Tarr, Executive Director

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