The land you save today is the land you will protect tomorrow. And the day after that.  And the day after that.  And the next day…

It is easy to appreciate this community’s stunning landscapes — ancient oak woodlands, working ranches and granite-walled river canyons — but these values go well beyond visual beauty.  Each of these landscapes plays a critical role in maintaining the health of our water, air and local economy.


What is stewardship?

At a basic level, stewardship of land and natural resources means caring for land in ways that ensure the sustainability of conservation values. The word “stewardship” has several definitions for land conservation:

  • Monitoring and defense of conservation easements
  • Actively managing lands to encourage and sustain ecological health and diversity
  • Engaging people – like you – in activities that sustain natural resources such as wildlife habitat and water

Stewardship means monitoring and protecting fragile or endangered species, combating threats posed by invasive weeds and other pathogens, and managing with care our region’s magnificent landscapes to ensure they are protected in perpetuity.

Stewardship is an ethic that embodies planning and management of the land to prevent loss of habitat and perpetuate long-term sustainability. Bear Yuba Land Trust accomplishes this through a strong working relationship between landowners and conservation partners.

Restoration Services and Resources Management

Restoration services and resources management include a range of activities specifically designed to restore or enhance conservation values. Responsibility is shared between landowners and BYLT.

BYLT’s trained stewardship team can help landowners obtain resources, regulatory approval, direct assistance and referral to aid in planning, developing and carrying out stewardship and restoration activities.

Examples include:

  • Assist with applications for funding or establish connections to federal and state agencies
  • Provide connections to others for management and leasing of land such as grazing leases
  • Vegetation management for fire safety or invasive species
  • Reseeding or reforesting lands with native species
  • Erosion control or restoration
  • Enhancement of habitat for repopulation of wildlife

In addition to working with private landowners on conservation easements, BYLT’s stewardship team works with community partners to enhance the health of Land Trust Preserves.

On BYLT Preserves, the stewardship team:

  • Works with Eagle, Boy and Girl Scouts to complete projects like park benches
  • Guides school groups to collect data and monitor the health of plants and animals
  • Restores pollinators by planting native flowering plants

Supporting and promoting ecological health is a community-based effort. You can help BYLT restore natural systems that have been damaged by mining activity and excessive water extraction. Together we can remove invasive plant species, secure wildlife habitat and corridors, and safeguard our communities against wildfire and climate change. You can support the health of future generations with active land stewardship.

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