Memorial Opportunities


The Wetherall family honored their parents, Bill & Orene, with a memorial bench on Orene Wetherall Loop Trail.

Remember loved ones with BYLT’s Memorial Program

Set in the beautiful outdoors, BYLT trails can evoke fond memories of loved ones. That’s why benches and trail mileage markers are a meaningful way to memorialize the important people of our lives for years to come.

Memorial Bench Program


Memorial Benches with brass plaques for engraving are available to Land Trust members for a donation of $5,000. Benches are made of molded recycled plastic in a dark brown color. They are designed to discourage vandalism and are guaranteed to last for 50 years. Once a site is selected, the benches will be permanently set in concrete.

Bench site availability is limited. Currently two locations are available on the Hirschman Trail (away from the pond), two or three on the Deer Creek Tribute Trail, two at Black Swan Preserve, and one on the Yuba Rim Trail on Rice’s Crossing Preserve.

memorial-markersMemorial Mileage Marker Program

Memorial Trail Mileage Markers with brass plaques are available for a $1,000 donation. Currently possible locations exist on nearly all of BYLT trails (except for the Litton Trail).  These will be set a half mile apart on sturdy wooden posts, with the mileage on the side and the memorial plaque on top.



To learn more about Memorial Benches and Memorial Trail Mileage Markers, contact Land Access Manager at or (530) 272-5994 x 207.