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What our Volunteers have to say about BYLT:

“I love building trails with the BYLT, especially in the Wolf Creek Watershed. Trails connect people and places, right where we live.” – Jonathan Keehn

“Volunteering for trails and gardens has helped me create outdoor activities for the community which I think is very important for health and wellness.” – Ellen Wells

“I enjoy the physical exercise, but most of all I enjoy being out in nature with a group of really nice/fun people who have a great sense of humor. I love the feeling of accomplishment and the fact that we are creating a legacy for the community. Once the trails are built, our children and their children will be able to enjoy them forever. There is an incredible feeling of satisfaction in greeting friends and neighbors on the trail.” – Ray Bryars

Volunteer Positions

Trail Stewardship Team: Build new trails and help BYLT maintain 45+ miles of trails in Nevada and Yuba Counties. This volunteer opportunity is excellent for those who enjoy working outdoors in nature and want contribute positively to outdoor recreation opportunities. Tasks include using loppers, shovels, rakes, saws and McLeods to build and maintain trail corridors. Volunteers will be working outside in rugged terrain.

TrailkeepersTrailkeepers commit to a season of outreach on local trailheads to gather recreational use data and promote BYLT. This volunteer opportunity is excellent for those who enjoy working with the public and want to promote local trails. Tasks include setting up an outreach booth at a designated trailheads, collecting community data, and conversing with trail users about the trail and BYLT.

Restoration Crew: The Restoration Crew is responsible for the stewardship and revitalization of BYLT’s conserved lands. This volunteer opportunity is excellent for those who are passionate about cultivating native landscapes through removal of invasive species and re-introduction of native plants. Tasks include site preparation and planting of native species, and native seed collection, and propagation in the BYLT greenhouse.

Youth Programs: Youth Program volunteers help facilitate and provide expert knowledge for youth field trips. This volunteer opportunity is excellent for those who are fascinated with local ecosystems and organisms, have expert knowledge in a specific environmental topic or have a desire to teach youth about the environment. Tasks include assisting with youth field trips by helping identify plants and animals, providing supervision, and presenting BYLT information.

Administrative Assistant: Administrative Assistants help perform office duties for BYLT. This volunteer opportunity is excellent for those who seek to support BYLT in an office setting. Tasks include sorting, stuffing and sending letters during a mass mailing event, calling BYLT Members, and general office assistance such as filling papers and organizing.

Outreach & Events: Outreach & Events volunteers promote BYLT in the community through assisting with tabling, fundraising events, and merchandise sales. This volunteer opportunity is excellent for those who have a passion for BYLT’s mission and want to promote BYLT to the public. Tasks include providing information at booths, selling merchandise and assisting with BYLT events, such as the annual Gala.

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