Land News – Summer 2015

In Nevada County, there are no county parks or a recreation department though city districts provide managed and group recreation amenities such as ball fields and swimming pools. In Yuba County the parks function has been defunded. Community support and volunteer efforts are vital in the development and maintenance of trails. This issue of Land News is dedicated to local trail projects, efforts and opportunities.

land news spring 2015

Land News – Spring 2015

Environmental educators say there is a growing disparity between the time kids spend indoors using a computer, watching TV, or playing video games, and the unstructured time they spend outside enjoying nature. If they go outside at all, it tends to be in organized, group sports activities. Only about 10 percent say they are spending free time outdoors every day, according to a new nationwide poll led by The Nature Conservancy. A lack of access to and interest in nature keeps kids from experiencing the outdoors, the poll revealed.