2019 Gala a HUGE success! Thank you!

Thank you to the hundreds of individuals and businesses who attended, donated to, and supported this year’s Open Spaces & Wild Places Gala and Conservation Awards.  This year’s Gala was truly a community event and we are honored to partner with each of you in this way. The Gala was an extraordinary evening filled with…

Give and Take

Communities need trails and trails need the community. We have many miles of trails here in Nevada County and it is one of the reasons that this area is such a desirable place to live. Trails maintain our rural and scenic way of life. They provide recreational opportunities and help keep us healthy and happy. Trails increase property values, support broad user groups, and are free for everyone to use.

Project Pollinators – Creating Healthy Landscapes for Bees and Pollinators

Pollinators are a vital part of a healthy environment and the food we eat. Pollinators provide an important service in the environment by moving pollen between flowers and ensuring the growth of seeds and fruits. One third of everything we eat needs pollinators to propagate!

Bear Yuba Land Trust launches community campaign to save pollinators

Bear Yuba Land Trust is launching a community education and action campaign to ensure the survival of honeybees and other local populations of pollinators threatened by habitat loss, disease and pesticide exposure.