Park and Walk Trail

This trail was built by the community so parents could drive their kids to the village center, park, and then walk them out to the elementary school. In addition to serving that purpose, the trail serves as a physical exercise route for students at various times during school days, as well as a pretty way to walk or ride along Mt. Olive Road. A parking lot for the trail was dedicated in 2008 and nice signs were installed.

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Place: Chicago Park, CA

Season: Year around

Land: Right of way along Mt. Olive Road. Donated easement for parking lot

Trail signs: Trailhead is well marked and there is a “Bike Route” sign at Lower Colfax Road

Length: 0.6 mile

Altitude change: About 50′ down and up from town center to school

Difficulty: Easy

Trail surface: Asphalt paved

Environment: Rural residential with homes and pastures

Rules: Parking area by trailhead cannot be used for selling cars. No other rules posted.
Please stay right to pass. Watch for bicycle riders and driveway cross-traffic.

Trailhead: From the intersection of South Auburn Street and Colfax Avenue in Grass Valley, take Colfax Avenue (Hwy 174) east 9.1 miles to Chicago Park. Look for the unpaved community parking lot located between the Chicago Park Store and the post office at the intersection of Hwy 174 and Mt. Olive Road. The trail begins by the “Park and Walk” trailhead sign in the parking lot. (N39.14539 W120.96728)

Trail Tips: Within 40 yards of the parking lot the trail crosses Lower Colfax Road in a well-marked crosswalk and then runs westerly along Mt. Olive Road past homes, pastures, small ponds and some wooded areas. You may see sheep, goats or horses in pastures along the way. The trail ends across from the Chicago Park Elementary School, not far from where the Overland Emigrant Trail (aka Donner Trail, or Truckee Trail) once passed by. There is a crosswalk at trail’s end that leads across the street to the school.

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