Smiling Owl Preserve

Approximately 45 Acres, Established 2017. Access: Private property, no public access. The Smiling Owl Preserve encompasses approximately 45 acres located on the western edge of Tahoe Nation Forest. The preservation of this Property falls in line with Bear Yuba Land Trust’s mission to “retain the rural character” of Nevada County.

Lindsey Lakes – PG&E

857 Acres, Established 2017. Access: Public Access Allowed Conservation Values: Forest and wildlife habitat, headwaters protection, recreational uses, scenic views Lindsey Lakes Conservation Easement encumbers three separate parcels totaling approximately 857 acres with elevation ranging from 6600 feet to 7500 feet. The Easement encompasses nearly all of Lindsey Lakes, a portion of Culbertson Lake, land…

White Rock Lake

40 Acres, Established 2014. Public access allowed. Conservation Values:  This Property fills in a key piece of protected lands within the checkerboard area of public and private ownership within the boundaries of the Tahoe National Forest. The protection of this Property will benefit the people of Nevada County through the protection of the Property’s timber productivity,…

Meadow Lake Preserve

196 Acres, Established 2016. Public access allowed. Conservation Values:  Forest habitat, headwater protection, recreational uses. The 196 acres which surrounds and encompasses parts of Meadow Lake is an exciting conservation acquisition for BYLT due to its location in the Upper Yuba Watershed near the headwaters of the Middle Yuba River and its variety of plant and…

Fordyce and Sterling Lake Preserve

1,741 Acres, Established 2016. Public access allowed. Conservation Values:  Forest habitat, headwater protection, recreational uses. Once you arrive at Fordyce Lake you feel that you’ve made it to a very special place. The roads leading here are not for the timid and 4wd is highly recommended. The vast expanses of the lake are breathtaking and the…

Round Mountain

Open Space Conservation Easement
40 Acres, 2016 Access: Private property. No public access. Conservation Values: Scenic views, open space, plant and wildlife habitat. When you take North Bloomfield Road north of Nevada City toward the South Yuba River, you might get a glimpse of Round Mountain from across the broad gentle basin of Rock Creek. Its rounded ridge is a local landmark on the south side of the river canyon just downstream from Edwards Crossing.

Narrows – PG&E

23 Acres, Established 2015. Private property. No public access. Located below Englebright Dam within the boundaries of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). PG&E will retain ownership of the 23 acres required for the operation and maintenance of its hydroelectric facilities. Permanently protecting the land below Englebright Dam will support the health and ongoing habitat restoration of the Yuba River salmon and steelhead fishery. Blue oak woodlands, riparian corridors and annual grasslands provide habitat for many wildlife species, including some special status bird species.

bylt to protect narrows

Narrows – UC

41 Acres, Established 2015. Private property. No public access. Located below Englebright Dam on the northwesterly side of the Yuba River, The Narrows-UC is owned by the Regents of the University of California. Steep, rocky slopes of the river canyon provide a remarkable stage for blue oak-gray pine woodlands and grasslands. Golden eagle, peregrine falcon and bald eagle are found here, and in adjacent oak woodlands, over 100 different bird species have been surveyed. On 5,721 acres, to the north of the property, is Sierra Foothills Research and Extension Center.

Burton Educational Preserve

38 Acres, Established 1997. Limited public access. Dotted with huge oaks and conifers, the Burton Homestead is an ideal outdoor classroom where children learn to be stewards of the land. Youth explore the wonders of nature – wetlands, ponds, wildflower meadow, woodland trails, an education farm and an active interpretive Native American Cultural Center called “Pata-Panaka Village.”

willow tree ranch

Animal Place Sanctuary

590 Acres, Established 1998. Private property. No public access. The original owner of this 600 acres on McCourtney Road wanted to protect his beloved land used as a cattle ranch for many years. So toward the end of his life he worked with the Land Trust to create a legacy for his family. He placed a Conservation Easement on his property to protect the agricultural operation and natural habitat by preventing incompatible uses for future development. Today, nonprofit organization, Animal Place Sanctuary cares for rescued farm animals on the property.