Citizen Science

Become a “citizen scientist” and gather biological data on any of BYLT’s public preserves or trails!

Community members, with or without a scientific background, can now participate in gathering pertinent data to help BYLT document the flora and fauna on BYLT’s conserved properties and trails. By participating as a citizen scientist through either the iNaturalist or eBird platforms, you are actively contributing to databases that scientists utilize to understand species adaptation, global climate change, and other areas of study. Both sites require that you create an account to access the information and participate in data collection and documentation.

Bio Blitz

Participants can add to a database of biota by gathering data, taking photographs of flowers, plants, animals, insects, birds, etc., and then uploading the images to Download the free iNaturalist app to your smartphone or use a traditional camera. Participants can choose to identify the subjects they photograph or if they are unsure, expert web managers of the iNaturalist site will help identify species. Be sure to add your observations to the BYLT Projects for each Preserve.


Participants can also enter tallies of observed species to To use eBird, participants will go online to, then to “Submit Observations”, and then determine their location. Once you have submitted your checklist, choose “Share with Others in Your Party” and type “BearYuba” to share the list with BYLT.